photography by Albert Law :
Nomiku Immersion Circulator

One of the trendiest kitchen gadgets right now is the immersion circulator. There are many affordable brands out there to chose from these days. I use the Nomiku Wi-Fi.

For those of you not familiar, an Imersion Circulator, or Sous Vide machine, allows you to precisely cook anything to the temperature of your choosing.  This is done by vacuum sealing your protein in a bag and cooking it for a period of time in a water bath.

Seasoned Top Sirloin

To demonstrate,  I took a 3″ thick Top Sirloin and cooked it at 115° for 4 hrs.  When finished, I seared it in a smoking hot cast iron skillet to achieve the desired outer crust on the steak.  Juicy, tender and succulent beef every time.

115° Top Sirloin

The ability to cook a thick cut of steak to a perfect edge to edge rare can only be achieved by cooking this way.  If you like me, loves rare, juicy beef, you might want to consider investing in an immersion circulator.