On the way to Tahoe…Travertine Hot Springs


There’s just something about driving up Hwy 395.  Be it the sunrise, sunsets or just the majesty of the Sierras, it never gets old.  Every town along the way has something to offer, but that’s a story for another day.  This story is about taking a break to soothe your soul and aching muscles.


Just off the road in Bridgeport, you’ll find the hot springs.  Take a little time to explore as there are many pools to soak in.  This particular adventure was to cap off an amazing summer with my son.  This was our last day together before he returned home for school.  Being able to pass along my knowledge of places like this to my kids is such a reward.  The outdoors are an amazing place.  Something lost on the youth of today.



This is one of the warmest pools.  The spring water comes out boiling from the top of the rocks and down to the pool below.


I could lay in this tub all day.  Sitting in a hot spring with rain approaching is so soothing.  This is a popular place with it being so accessible from the Hwy.  If it’s crowded when you get there, have some patience as people come and go.  Explore some more away from the main pools and you’ll find some pools out in the surrounding fields.  They are all different temperatures, so like Goldilocks, you too can find the one that’s just right.


The sun is headed down and it’s time to get back on the road. Two more hours to Tahoe!



Speaking of Tacos


Not only are there amazing tacos in Ensenada, it’s only a 3.5 hr, beautiful drive from LA.  I love taking day trips down there just to enjoy great food and amazing scenery.  Above is the view just before you come into Ensenada.  If you go, make sure to take the toll road.  It’s well worth it!


Taqueria El Trailero is my go-to spot every time I’m in Ensenada.  Day or night this place is slingin tacos.  It really seems to be busiest late in the evening.


The tacos are inexpensive about $1 each, and they serve all kinds.  Order up, eat your tacos, order more and pay on the honor system when you’re done!


I love the the carne asada & cabeza!  Fish tacos are off the hook, no pun intended, well maybe.  If you have the appetite, work your way through them all, especially the pastor below.20160616_161237.jpg

These tacos bring me great inspiration when I’m home and in the kitchen, I hope they can inspire you as well.  Visit Mexico, and see what you can discover.


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